Training Weekend: Holding Safe Spaces

1.4.-2.4.2023 | 9th district, Vienna | click here to register

To deepen civic discourse and solve the urgent challenges of our time in radical ways, we need to collectively get better at communicating across differences in political beliefs, socio-economic background, values and social status. However most us haven’t learnt how to engage in conversations like these. With the project “Dialog Neugedacht” (Rethinking Dialog), we are offering a series of dialogue walks in Viennas 8th and 9th districts. The walks are facilitated spaces, for people from all backgrounds, to engage in dialogue about currently relevant topics.

As a kickoff to this series of walks, we are inviting you for a training weekend that will allow you to deepen your skill in space holding. We will exercise, explore and discuss multiple techniques and approaches connected to individual and group space holding. Within a few hours you will also experience yourself outside your comfort zone, you will have the possibility to practice some tools and enrich your understanding of creating a safe space for groups and individuals.

Training Schedule

Saturday | 9:30 – 17:30

To be able to hold space for others, first we must be able to hold ourselves. We will practice what being held and holding feels like in our bodies and how we can expand this sense of holding beyond ourselves to include others. We will explore what different qualities of space holding feel like and how we can embody them, how we can “read the room” and developed a feeling for what is happening in the group. We’ll work in a workshop setting for about 6 hours with a long lunch break.

Sunday | 9:30 – 16:00

On Sunday we’ll focus on exploring how our mindset as facilitators influences what is possible for participants. We’ll dive into focusing our attention in a way that holds everyone in the group in their humanity when engaging in challenging topics. You will get some practical tools for this and we’ll also practice how to use them. We’ll work for about 4-5 hours in a workshop setting with a long lunch break.

The exact location and time will be announced here soon.

About the trainers

Anna Sandra is a body worker, sexual educator, facilitator and co-founder of ‘Making OH!’- a self development spaces for groups, couples and individuals. During the last 9 years Anna has been learning different methods of body and therapy work, such as Lowen body psychotherapy, Osho meditations, mindfulness, psychology, Contact Improvisation, sexual education, tantra and more. Anna is passionate about living life in truth and full potential, embracing all challenges and always finding a spark of light in the deepest darkness. She believes that expanding the heart space and bringing awareness into your life opens pathways to live fully and in harmony with the universe. Anna will lead the training on Saturday.

Jonas Gröner (he/him) is a coach and event-organizer for community builders, activists and changemakers who are committed to a regenerative transformation of society. He’s been working in self-organized contexts from permaculture farms to start-ups, co-ops and non-profits for the past 7 years and is passionate about all things community, local self-organization and collective resilience. The main focus of his work is to support people to take action on their vision of community and create a world where all beings can thrive. He lives in Vienna (Austria) from where he likes to venture into the alps to climb mountains or ride his bike. Jonas will lead the training on Sunday.


We want to make this offer accessible to anyone who will benefit from developing skills around holding safe spaces. That’s why the participation fee is not fixed, but we operate on a sliding scale. Please choose a price that feels authentic to your situation!

  • 0 € – full scholarship, if you are struggling financially
  • 40 € – if you are making ends meet
  • 70 € – if you are financially stable
  • 100 € – if your are financially flourishing

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Participation fee for the whole weekend training. Please choose a price that feels authentic to your situation 🙂