Civil Action Network connects individuals and NGOs in Austria, Poland and Slovenia. As an international network of individuals and as a non-profit organization, we are a part of Civil Society. We deeply believe in the capacity of people to make a change in their own lives and in society through a bottom-up process. 

Strengthening Civil Society

We organize and conduct activities which promote civil society participation. Through these activities, we support the empowerment of people of different target groups.

As civil society we CAN:
  • create a space for dialogue in order to define our common values and visions,
  • stand up for them in a joint effort,
  • find strength in cooperation and community,
  • generate social change and shape our common future.

Civil Society makes a crucial contribution to the preservation of the balance of power in our political system, the sustainment of our common well-being and the maintenance of peace inside and between countries. As Civil Action Network our goal is to counteract the polarization of society, restrictions of human rights, spread of fear and undermining of democratic institutions.

What do we do?

We are strengthening Civil Society by:
  • promoting and supporting participation in public life and sustainable engagement
  • spreading awareness of our power to make a change
  • empowering people to step up for their visions individually and collectively  
  • creating spaces for dialogue and encounter
  • fostering trust-based, long-lasting connections and cooperation between CAN’s members, local partners, activists, academics and democratic institutions and exchanging good practices, learnings and resources. 

To pursue this goal CAN offers

For partners, organizations, schools, groups, community places etc.:
For members:
  • Educational and capacity-building formats on the topic of civil society involvement and participation for people of different age and different target groups
  • We offer workshops, discussions, walks and movie screenings. All our formats are interactive and dialog-enhancing. 
  • Empowerment through hands-on experience
  • Support in realizing your projects
  • Educational workshops and webinars to build your skills  
  • Networking opportunities

Please support us by donating:

Civil Action Network – Zivilgesellschaft für Frieden
IBAN: AT44 2011 1843 5342 3000

Already done…

To date, we delivered activities mainly to youth and to socially disadvantaged groups and communities.

In the last two years, we:

  • co-organized and facilitated meetings, workshops and discussions with kids and youth about the importance of civic engagement in Katowice, Poznań (Poland) and Ljubljana, Maribor and Sežana (Slovenia)
  • organized and facilitated movie screenings and discussions with Syrian activists about the story of their homeland and their non-violent struggle for freedom in Katowice and Poznań (Poland) and in Vienna (Austria)
  • organized and facilitated educational and creative workshops as well as walks on the topic of civil society involvement and participation in Vienna (Austria)
  • broadened our network by attending Civil Society meetings, conferences and fairs in Italy, Poland and Austria
  • Organised educational workshops and webinars for our members to build their capacities (eg. Non-Violent Communication, Community Organising, Public Narrative etc.)

    You can check them in details on our blog.

CAN in Vienna

The local Austrian branch of CAN is registered as a charitable association (gemeinnütziger Verein) with a seat in Vienna. The Viennese group works on strengthening the Civil Society in Vienna. We are currently looking for new members.

Check our calendar for activities in the city!
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Who is behind CAN?

We CAN shape society together.

We CAN build the future we want to live in.

We CAN rise up for that today.

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